Grant Information

The Scientific Advisory Panel invites applications for funding under the following six categories:

At present and for the time being, due to the large funding requirements for Research Grants and Bursaries, no applications for Post-Doctoral Fellowships and Travel Grants will be considered and therefore should not be submitted for 2018.

  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • Bursary
  • James Gear Fellowship
  • Travel Grant
  • Research Grant
  • Major Impact Project (MIP)

  • Closing date for research applications are 28 February.
    The PRF must be acknowledged in all publications arising from a proposal funded by the PRF.

    All applications are evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

    • Orientation of Research: The project should be focused on laboratory or epidemiological virus research rather than on clinical research of virus diseases
    • Relevance: That the project would have relevancy to human viral diseases in South Africa and that it would be seen to be a project with a potential impact on health in South Africa
    • Scientific Merit: The scientific soundness of the project including innovation and clarity of the research hypothesis
    • Evaluation of the Applicant: The track record of the applicant and what his/her input would be in the project, particularly in terms of time in relationship to the needs of the project.
    • Resources available for the Project: Human and material resources within the laboratory or institution as well as assistance from collaborators and support for other laboratories
    • Achievability: Are the aims of the project achievable within a realistic time frame
    • Budget: Is the budget realistic to the needs of the project and are there other resources of funding?
    • Intervention Orientation: Do the aims of the project lend themselves to realistic disease interventions which could affect the reduction of illness burden?
    • Grants may run for 3 years
    • Grants are to be submitted on the relevant form
    • An application for renewal with details of results achieved, papers published and presented at congresses need to be submitted for the second and third year as well as any requests for modifications of the grant
    • A final report at the end of the third year detailing results achieved must be completed and submitted to the PRF
    • The closing date for these applications to be received at the PRF is 28 February of each year